Thank you to Participants: Garry Oak Meadow…a Celebration of Volunteers – April 28-2019

Margaret Lidkea, FOUP Chair, sends the following thank you:

Garry Oak Meadow…a Celebration of Volunteers on April 28 was a beautiful sunny day with about 300 people stopping by to enjoy all the displays, the 3 wildflower walks, the children’s activities, the food, drinks and the wonderful music of the Bald Eagles Band.  Mayor Kevin Murdoch, and Parks liaison, Councilor Hazel Braithwaite, welcomed people at the official opening.  Other councilors attending were Andrew Appleton, Esther Patterson, and Tara Ney.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Bald Eagles Band, all the volunteers who helped, and to the organizations that displayed:

Bowker Creek Initiative CRD
Compost Education Centre
Saanich Parks Pulling Together
Friends of Ecological Reserves
Garry Oak Meadow Preservation Society
Greater Victoria Green Team
NatureKIds and their ivy removal
Parks Canada
Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary
Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary
Victoria Natural History Society
World Fisheries Trust.

Did you see the secretive burrowing sea cucumber?

It was lovely to see the inspired artists, Victor Lotto, Patricia Lortie and Avis Rasmussen painting in the park.  Thanks for being inspired and inspiring.

Thanks also to all the businesses that provided food and coffee:
Thrifty’s Food
Fairways Foods
Cobb’s Bakery
Hide + Seek Coffee

Thanks to those who donated prizes:
Bowker Creek Intitiative CRD
The Bungalow
Cobb’s Bakery
Friends of Uplands Park
Gardenworks, Oak Bay
Greater Victoria Green Team
Penny Farthing Pub
Willows Galley Fish & Chips
John Olafson and Linda Beare

Thanks to Oak Bay Parks for all their work providing tents, tables, chairs, electricity and their total support. Friends of Uplands Park is so fortunate to volunteer with Oak Bay Parks and to have the continuing support of our Oak Bay Council and the Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culuture Commission.

PDF of Thank You: Apr 28 Thank you to all for posting

[Photos forthcoming.]

“Garry Oak Meadow – A Celebration of Volunteers.” Sunday April 28, 2019. Noon – 3:00PM. Uplands Park.

Celebrate Volunteering with the Friends of Uplands Park.
“Garry Oak Meadow – A Celebration of Volunteers.”
Sunday April 28, 2019.
Noon – 3:00PM.
Beach Drive entrance to Cattle Point, Uplands Park.

Inviting all volunteers of Greater Victoria Parks and those interested, to come, listen and dance to the rock music of the Bald Eagles. Enjoy food & drinks, activities, wildflower and family activities though the Uplands Park Garry Oak meadows and win prizes. Hosted by Friends of Uplands Park with displays and activities by GOMPS, Compost Education Centre, Saanich Parks Pulling Together, Swan Lake, Nature Kids, Friends of Ecological Reserves, World Fisheries Trust, Community Association of Oak Bay, Victoria Natural History Society, Oak Bay Parks and Recreation and others.

Volunteers in the Camas – A Celebration – Please share attached poster

Please share this poster for the Volunteers in the Camas celebration. Uplands Park. April 29, Noon – 3:00PM. There will be all kinds of activities for children and adults, music, tours of the meadows and displays from the many participants listed on the poster. Volunteers and interested folks from all across the CRD are invited.

Photos from “Camas, Wildflowers and Birds in Uplands Park Celebration” – Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wylie Thomas, Friends of uplands Park Steering Committee member, sends the following photos from FOUP’s Annual Uplands Park Camas Day Celebration. A sunny blustery April day with many folks joining the Bird Walk lead by Geoffrey Newell and the Camas Meadow Walks hosted by FOUP. Uplands Park was in glorious spring bloom. Thank you to all the volunteers and to Chris Hyde-Lay [of Oak Bay Parks] for all the help.


Joining the Friends of Uplands Park, this year, was the ButterflyWay Booth, with volunteers from the David Suzuki Foundation ButterflyWay initiative, sharing knowledge about local butterflies and their native host and nectar plants, and, featuring Butter-Blue, a Western Spring Azure butterfly puppet [checking out FOUP’s plant display and flying about]. Here are some additional 2017 Camas Day Celebration photos taken by Kathleen Matthews.


Celebrate Camas, Wildflowers and Birds in Uplands Park – Sunday, April 30, 2017 (Noon – 4:00pm)

The Friends of Uplands Park invites the community to celebrate the Uplands Park camas meadows and wildflowers:

  • Date: Sunday, April 30-2017
  • Time: 12 – 4 pm
  • Location: Beach Drive at Cattle Point Entrance
  • Activities: Wildflower walks through seas of blue camas. music, native plant displays & planting information, refreshments
  • And Birding too.

David Newell notes: Geoffrey’s next birding will be on  Sunday, April 30 at 1:00 PM to coincide with the Friends of Uplands Park Camas Day celebrations.  Please meet at the tents by the first parking lot at the entrance to Cattle Point. We will lead off from the tents and head directly into Uplands Park and finish at the ocean. The flowers are now in full bloom and the warbler migration is intense.  Geoffrey had two singing Nashville warblers in the park today.  They are rare visitors from the interior of the province.

Poster PDF: 2017 Poster celebrate camas & wildflowers

Photos & Thank You – FOUP’s Camas Day Inspiration Celebration

Margaret Lidkea, Chair of Uplands Park, thanks all the volunteers and community members participating in celebrating 70 years of Uplands Park:

The May 1, 2016 Camas Day Inspiration on Sunday May 1, 2016 was a wonderful day.  Tara Ney, Acting Mayor, welcomed people including Shirley Tucker and her family.  Shirley’s father was the Reeve of Oak Bay and was responsible along with his Council, and a vote by the Oak Bay Community, for having Uplands Park designated a natural park in March, 1946.  Shirley and her children, during Chris Causton’s mayoralty term, instigated the erection of the cairn honouring this event.  It was so lovely to listen to Shirley’s story about her Dad.  Other councillors and Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture also attended.

About 150 people participated plus all the excellent volunteers including the Pleine Aire artists, GNS students, the Bowker Creek Initiative, The Native Plant Leaders, Marine Bird Leaders, Creation Station Ladies and our Steering Committee at the Info, Refreshment Tables and Displays. .  75 people went on 7 Native Plant Walks that were part of the HAT Annual Native Plant Garden Tours.  Everyone enjoyed the harp music and singing by Esther-Ruth Teel.

Thanks also to Hide + Seek Coffee, Oak Bay Cob’s Bread, Thrifty’s for donations of food and tents.  The entire 70th Birthday cake was eaten.

Marisa Fairley of Oak Bay was the winner of the Camas Day Inspiration draw, winning a mock orange bush and bleeding heart plants.

With gratitude for all the people involved on this lovely 70th Birthday for Uplands Park.

Margaret Lidkea, Chair of FOUP
Some 2016 Camas Day photos:

Photos by Kathleen Matthews

Oak Bay News “Pretty in purple” Feature Story – May 1, 2016 Camas Day Inspiration at Uplands Park

The Oak Bay News [April 29, 2016] features photo titled “Pretty in purple” of the Camas Meadows in Uplands Park along with Friends of Uplands Park Chair, Margaret Lidkea, happy in the Camas.

A feature story is about FOUP’s May 1, 2016 Camas Day Inspiration event, celebrating the 70th Birthday of Uplands Park is found on page A3of the Oak Bay News story at
Screen shots from Oak Bay News website [April 29-2016]. Permission granted by Christine van Reewyk.

Screen shot 2016-04-30 at 10.30.58 AM

Screen shot 2016-04-30 at 10.31.23 AM
Photo by Christine van Reeuwyk

Uplands Park 70th Birthday Celebration – Camas Day Inspiration – Sunday, May 1, 2016.

The Friends of Uplands Park is planning a special Camas Day Celebration to mark the 70th “birthday” of Uplands Park.

Camas Day Celebration:

Sunday, May 1, 2016 from Noon – 4:00pm
Beach Drive at the Cattle Point Entrance

The Uplands Park 70th Birthday Celebration – Camas Day Inspiration event is happening [at Uplands Park] on Sunday, May 1, 2016 from Noon – 4:00pm. This event is hosted by the Friends of Uplands Park and Oak Bay Parks. Uplands Park is also one of the park/garden venues that is participating in the HAT Native Plant Garden Tour that is happening, also on May 1, at many venues, between 10:00am – 3:00PM.

2016 Camas Day inspiration poster jpeg

Poster by Margaret Lidkea.

2016 Spring Events at Uplands Park with Friends of Uplands Park

cropped-camasa-day-2015-image-1509884_10153152180765853_118818662693321929_n.jpg2016 Spring Events at Uplands Park with Friends of Uplands Park

Margaret Lidkea, Chair of FOUP, sends the following announcements:

Creatively United for the Planet   Saturday April 16, 10 to 5pm, Royal Bay Secondary School, Colwood, Friends of Uplands Park Display with information and activities about Uplands Park, the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystems, the 22 rare plants, the Cattle Point rocky foreshore and the Friends of Uplands Park programs.

Building Bird Nests                        Sunday April 24       1:30 to 3:30pm          A family program at Uplands Park, meeting at the entrance to Cattle Point, examines nest building and construction techniques of some birds in Uplands Park, with Margaret Lidkea, environmental teacher at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary for 21 years.  Kids will learn about the materials used by several birds like the hummingbirds and robins, and on a ramble will gather materials and make their own Bewick’s wren’s nest to take home.  Suitable for kids aged 4 and older and their parents and grandparents.  Donations to Friends of Uplands Park are welcome.

CAMAS DAY INSPIRATION              Sunday May 1          12 to 4pm Uplands Park on Beach Drive at the entrance to Cattle Point

Friends of Uplands Park invites you to an inspiration celebration.  With Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture, we hope that you and your family will join us for a cultural inspiration on Camas Day, May 1 from 12 to 4pmArtists will be creating throughout the park, the Bald Eagles Band will be playing, there will be ocean and bird talks at Cattle Point, displays about Camas and the wildflowers, the Bowker Creek Initiative, art, photography and student participation in Invasive Removal and Wildflower walks in the natural native plant “gardens” of Uplands Park and the free native plants as part of

HAT Native Plant Garden Tours 10 to 4pm.  Refreshments available.  Donations appreciated.

 CATTLE POINT TIDE POOLS         Sunday June 5           9:30 to 11:30am

Join Friends of Uplands Park to explore the tide pools of the rocky shores at Cattle Point.  Discover red rock crabs, marine worms, shrimp, nudibranchs and tide-pool fish while collecting with nets and see-through containers.  Learn about the challenges of living in the intertidal zone, the adaptations of different species and the predators eager to eat the animals that live there.

BIRDING in UPLANDS PARK with Geoffrey Newell.  9 to about 11 am   [Last Saturdays of the Month]  Meet at Cattle Point with binoculars to observe the ocean and shore birds.  Then wander into Uplands Park; listen to the birdcalls establishing territory and partners, while looking for juveniles spreading their wings.  Walks are usually the last Saturday in the month, but some changes are needed because Geoffrey has other commitments.  Please check our website.

Check our website for other events like invasive removal and programs…watch out for the grasshopper program in August with James Miskelly.

Become a Friend of Uplands Park for free:  email to go on the list to receive emails.

Camas photo by Kathleen Matthews.