Boardwalk Proposal For Cattle Point

Dear Friends of Uplands Park,

Please find below a draft design for a system of boardwalks at Cattle Point prepared by well-known landscape architect Paul de Greef and commissioned by the Greater Victoria NatureHood. 

The design was donated to the District of Oak Bay as a contribution towards achieving Goal 1 of the Uplands Park and Cattle Point Management Plan (2019)This Plan, which was adopted by Oak Bay Mayor and Council in May 2019, calls for building “a network of footpaths that provides park visitors with opportunities to … appreciate the natural history of Cattle Point while protecting [its] species at risk, endangered maritime meadows and vernal pools …”  

The Board of Friends of Uplands Park Society endorses this proposal and believes that the attached design is an important contribution towards a more in-depth and serious discussion on managing recreational traffic to encourage sustainable public enjoyment and appreciation of this unique park in ways that do not diminish its exceptional natural values.

As is our ongoing commitment, we are working to help secure the future of Cattle Point and Uplands Park and will keep you updated as more details unfold. In the meantime, we would greatly appreciate hearing your perspective and ideas regarding how to realize this important goal! Let us know your thoughts via emailFaceBook or Instagram.

For further information, please see our short article on the need for protection at Cattle Point.

In appreciation,

FOUPS Board of Directors