Become a Member of FOUP Society

After years of operating as an informal group since 2009, the Friends of Uplands Park have taken the step to incorporate as a non-profit Society under the BC Societies Act.  We formally registered the new Society in 2018.

The purpose of the Friends of Uplands Park Society (FOUPS) remains pretty much the same; it is to create opportunities for stewardship, education and inspiration in support of the protection and restoration of Uplands Park and other natural areas in Oak Bay. The work of FOUPS continues to support the District of Oak Bay in their managing role of Uplands Park.

What has changed is that you, as “Friends” of Uplands Park may now become “Members” of the Society. As before, your valuable support is so crucial to the important work being done by so many community volunteers to protect and restore the endangered Garry oak ecosystems found in the Park. What’s different is that valued supporters like you, as Members, fulfill a special and vital role in guiding the operation and the future of the FOUPS organization.

For a registered Society, “members” are the people who vote at general meetings to elect our volunteer Directors to manage the affairs of the Society and be accountable to the members for its finances and activities.

The current Directors of the Society have set Membership fees at $10 annually for individuals, $20 for families, with memberships renewable with each calendar year. Membership fees may be paid:

  • by cash in person at any of FOUPS public events, such as restoration work parties or Camas Day;
  • by cheque payable to FOUPS sent to 1894 St. Ann Street, Victoria BC V8R 5W1; or
  • by Interac email transfer sent to

*Please ensure that your name, phone number and email address are included*

Your continued support as Friends of Uplands Park is more important than ever. Please join our Society now as Members, as well. Either way you will remain on our email list to receive information about Uplands Park events, programs and restoration.

Thanks very much. 


FOUPS Board of Directors 

Matt Fairbarns, Anna Graham, Margaret Lidkea, Rick Marshall, Jon Osborne and Wylie Thomas