Experts Talk on Adapting to Climate Change: December 2nd at 7 pm at the Monterey Community Centre

Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture, the Community Association of Oak Bay and Friends of Uplands Park invite you to an Experts Talk on Adapting to Climate Change on December 2nd at 7 pm  at the Monterey Community Centre

Dr. Richard Hebda, long-time BC climate researcher, will present on:

Climate Change, Ecosystems, and Adaptation for Southern Vancouver Island

Richard Hebda is the former Curator of Botany and Earth History at Royal BC Museum. He has a PhD in Botany and has taught in various environmental science departments at the University of Victoria. He studies plant fossils and their distribution over time and place in order to shed light on the condition, history and evolution of BC’s landscape and climate. He also studies ethnobotany of BC First Nations, restoration of natural systems and processes, ecology and origins of Garry Oak and alpine ecosystems and botany of grasses.

Dr. Stephen Sheppard,Director of UBC’s Bachelor of Urban Forestry Program, will present on:

The Citizens Coolkit: Fun ways to climate-proof your forest and your “hood”

Dr. Stephen Sheppard, PhD., ASLA, is a Professor in Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia, teaching landscape and climate change planning, community engagement and visualization. He has served as Director of UBC’s Bachelor of Urban Forestry program and directs the Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP), an interdisciplinary research group which works with communities on developing climate change and energy solutions. He has published four books, including Visualizing Climate Change from Earthscan/Routledge. He leads UBC’s Research Cluster of Excellence on Cool Tools: Social Mobilization on Climate Change using Digital Tools.

Question period to follow.

Poster PDF: Climate Presentation-02Dec19

Rake the Invasive Norway Maple Chips in Uplands Park – Sunday September 8, 2019 [1 – 3 pm]

Sunday September 8
1 to 3pm
Meet at Dorset entrance by Lincoln Road

Bring your leaf rake and help rake the wood chips of the invasive Norway Maple.  Oak Bay Parks staff removed many of the invasive maples that were totally blocking the sun so that the only plants left alive underneath were the invasive English ivy, evergreen Daphne and Himalayan blackberry.  Even some of the blackberry couldn’t survive.  Habitat for rats.

Willows studentshave been restoring this area by removing ivy and planting native species.  A large meadow awaits more planting by these wonderful students and teachers this fall.  The wood chips will hinder these plants and seeds from growing.

We have some rakes available.
Contact: Margaret Lidkea, 250-595-8084


UVic Students Help in Uplands Park – Fall 2018

The University of Victoria Connection [Text submitted by Margaret Lidkea]

This Fall, a group of University of Victoria students from Lara Lauzon’s EPHE 142 Community Legacy Project, volunteered to remove invasive plants from Uplands Park. They worked in teams, created a display and then presented to their class.

FOUP would like to thank Lara for including us and her students for their participation in our Invasive Removal in Uplands Park.  The students were exceptionally keen to help and worked very hard.


Here is Lara’s thank you:

“A short note of thanks from me with regard to welcoming and educating my EPHE 142 students who come each year – in the fall and spring terms – to help out at Uplands Park.

They learn so much.  They ‘change’ in a matter of a couple of hours under your leadership and tutelage. They begin to understand that being fit and eating fruits and vegetables are only a small part of living a healthy and well life.

The volunteer aspect for many of them is such a big challenge.  Then to actually work together as a group on behalf of an organization sometimes seems absolutely overwhelming to many of them as well.  Finally – when they get out in the community and participate in events such as the ones you welcome them to – they move from resenting the project, to complaining about the project – to actually being thankful they ‘had to complete’ the project.

Over and over again I hear such wonderful stories about all of you helping them to participate in invasive species removal.

Margaret – you are their ‘hero’.  “

Text for this website post was submitted by Margaret Lidkea.
Photos taken by Margaret, who was very thankful to be invited to the presentations.

Celebrate Parks Day in Uplands Park – Saturday July 21-2018 – Join FOUP at 10:00AM for a Ramble

Healthy by Nature
Saturday July 21
10 am
Meet at the Beach Drive entrance to Uplands Park

Join Friends of Uplands Parkfor a gentle ramble through the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem. Although many plants are now sleeping, the golden grass, camas seed pods and orchids are a wonderful place to find grasshoppers and other insects. Find out how Oak Bay Parks and the Friends are restoring the park to a healthier natural area, better for the native plants, animals and our community. Support the NATUREHOOD!


Margaret Lidkea, Chair of Friends of Uplands Park sends a heartfelt thanks. We all owe Margaret and Amanda (Greater Victoria Green Team) a huge THANK YOU for their work in planning and coordinating this very successful event .  [Photos will be available in a few days.]

Here is Margaret’s thank you:


Thank you to Mayor Nils Jensen and Parks representative, Hazel Braithwaite for opening words and to the Oak Bay Council, Oak Bay Parks Recreation and Culture Commission and Oak Bay Parks Manager, Chris Hyde-lay, for their permission and all their support.  Also attending were Councillors Michelle Kirby, Tara Ney and Kevin Murdoch and Commissioners Matt Fairbarns and Suzanne Weckend-Dill.

Partnering with Amanda Evans, leader of the Greater Victoria Green Team was absolutely the best!  We enjoyed every thing we did together.  Having her Green Team at Uplands Park events is also so much fun. By using social media so much, she brings in new volunteers of all ages, especially the young teaching them to love their Naturehood. 
The Bald Eagles were excellent…their music providing a sense of joy, a rhythm to the afternoon and happiness in everyone’s soul.
Thanks to my incredible Friends of Uplands Park Steering Committee, Chris H-L, Ron, Chris G, Elizabeth, Anna, Cathy, Wylie, Matt and Rick who always “steer me in a corrected direction” and who were responsible for their own areas.  Thanks to Kathleen Matthews for being our Social Media Manager and photographer and to Ida Spader for helping with family activities.  Thanks to all who set up, took down and hosted tables.
Thanks to our families…Tom, Eric, Jorey and T.J. for doing whatever they were asked.
Thank you to the leaders of our Wildflower Walks, Matt Fairbarns and Wylie Thomas and to the leaders of the Bird Walk, Geoffrey, Jean and David Newell.
Thanks to Oak Bay News for their excellent article,  recording interviews at the event and for their continued support of community events.
Thanks to the partners who created displays and activities and to their hosts:
Parks Canada – Fort Rodd Hill
CRD Bowker Creek Initiative
OB Artists Community Society
OB Heritage Commission
Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary
Orca Whale Awareness
Nature Kids for removing ivy and growing and planting baby fawn lilies
We were sorry that HAT and Nature Conservancy of Canada were unable to come at the last moment
Thanks to all the organizations that provided food:
Thrifty’s – $400 including a cake  and 3 tents!
Dominos on Foul Bay near OB Avenue provided 40 large pizzas!
Fairways on OB Avenue
Save On Foods on Fort Street
COBS Bread Hillside for scones
Hide + Seek Coffee on OB Avenue for coffee
Starbucks on OB Avene for coffee
Everything was eaten!!!
Thanks to all the organizations that donated prizes:
Dig it – Handwear
Friends of Uplands Park
GardenWorks OB Avenue
Greater Victoria Green Team
Hide + Seek Coffee OB Avenue
If You Care Products
I.O.N. Clothing, Government St.
Ivy’s Bookshop OB Avenue
LUSH Soap Government St.
Mason Street Farm
Nicholas Randall OB Avenue
Oak Bay Recreation Centre
Oak Bay Flower Shop OB Avenue
Penny Farthing Olde English Pub
Rogers’ Tudor Sweet Shop OB Avenue
Saanich Native Plants on Haliburton Rd
Serious Coffee OB Avenue
The Soap Exchange Hillside Ave
Township of Esquimalt
and to Home Hardware, OB Avenue for tool discounts throughout the year.
We can thank them best by being their customers!
Margaret Lidkea, Chair of Friends of Uplands Park
Camas Blossom: Photo by Kathleen Matthews


Leprechauns & Friends Celebrate Green in Uplands Park – March 17-2018

A green treasure hunt for shamrocks, eye spying for green plants along the trails, making green chia animals, and a pot of gold  .. all part of the St. Patrick’s Day family event hosted by the Friends of Uplands Park in Uplands Park on March 17-2018. A wonderful turnout and Chief Leprechaun (Margaret Lidkea, Chair, Friends of Uplands Park) shared fun activities and plant lore with so many leprechauns, big and small.

Photos by Kathleen Matthews.

FOUP’s “No Ivy League” is participating in the regional #Meadow Marathon. Volunteers welcome. Prizes too!

The Friends of Uplands Park is participating in the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s #MEADOW MARATHON. The NCC Garry Oak Meadow Marathon is taking place during February at several sites in Greater Victoria and Duncan and volunteers are invited to help with the removal of invasive plants and the planting of native species. Participate in 3 events and your name will be entered to win PRIZES!!! See the #MEADOW MARATHON website for locations and times:

FOUP’s “No Ivy League” is part of the #MEADOW MARATHON, and happens every Sunday from 1 to 3 pm. Meet at the kiosks on Cattle Point near the ocean.

See also the article in Times Colonist about Garry Oak Meadow Marathon (Sunday February 11, 2018 Page D9 ). Web link at

Ivy on Garry Oaks in Uplands Park [Photo Credit: Kathleen Matthews]

Friends of Uplands Park “No Ivy League” Resumes February 4-2018

The Friends of Uplands Park’s very committed No Ivy League group resumes it’s weekly weekend invasive removal work on Sunday, February 4, 2018 from 1 – 3pm.  The goal is to focus primarily on the removal ivy and other invasive plants from Uplands Park and Cattle Point and these weekly sessions are making a difference.  Please join us in this work. Tools and gloves are provided as well as the opportunity for learning best practices. Meet at the Cattle Point kiosks at the parking lot area down near the water.

Invitation to Help Plant Native Species – Uplands Park – Sunday Dec 3-2017 from 1:00 – 3:00pm

Invitation to help plant native species in Uplands Park in areas where invasive plants have been removed. Meet at the Uplands Park sign on Beach Drive on Sunday December 3-2017 fro 1 to 3pm. A variety of native species will be planted and seeds will be scattered in areas being restored. Tools, kneeling pads, instructions and refreshments provided for volunteers.