Restoration of Uplands Park: Update and Community Conversation (Hosted by FOUP and Oak Bay Parks)

FOUP Restoration POster Oct 5-2017

Poster created by Margaret Lidkea, Chair, Friends of Uplands Park.

PDF of Poster: 2017 Oct 5 RESTORATION in UPLANDS PARKpsterjpeg

Thursday Oct 5, 2017
7 to 9pm
Windsor Park Pavilion, Oak Bay Uplands

Park is an incredible place. Within its 31 hectares are found 24 endangered species of plants, one of the highest concentrations in Canada and one of the best examples of a Garry Oak associated ecosystem in our region. Since 2014, Wylie Thomas has been managing a project to help restore the park’s endangered ecosystems and protect critical habitat for its rare species.

The project, which receives support from the federal Habitat Stewardship Program, has focused on the removal of invasive shrubs and trees. It also includes a component to formalize trails and improve signage to help reduce the impact of recreational use on the park’s natural values. Wylie will present on the work done to date and discuss activities planned for the years ahead including the challenges of balancing recreational use of the park with protecting its natural beauty.

The second half of the program will be open for comments from you and others about these challenges, some possible solutions and compromises.

Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm for a healthy discussion about trails, dogs, human use, invasive removal and other ideas.

Refreshments served. Donations to Friends of Uplands Park are very welcome.

Contact: Margaret Lidkea 250-595-8084; FOUP partners with Oak Bay Parks

Friends of Uplands Park – No Ivy League Volunteers Clearing Ivy from Cattle Point; Uplands Park Maps: Ivy Distribution Map; 2016-2019 Focus Areas for Invasive Removal

February 12, 2017 marked the clearing of Ivy from a major section of Cattle Point. The Friends of Uplands Park’s No Ivy League volunteers and many other volunteers for the community and schools have been working hard.

The inner sections of Cattle Point will be the next area to be cleared by the No Ivy League, and in time, their focus will turn to the ivy in Uplands Park. Attached are a few photos celebrating the ivy removal work at Cattle Point accomplished on Sunday, February 12, 2017, by a group of hard working volunteers.

Also attached are images showing how best to remove Ivy from Oak Trees, a map showing a density distribution of Ivy on the trees in Uplands Park, and a map showing the areas where Oak Bay Parks staff will be focusing their Federal HSP Grant funded work, between 2016- 2019. The maps were created by Friends of Uplands Park volunteer Wylie Thomas on behalf of Oak Bay Parks to help guide volunteer activities in the park.

For training purposes with FOUP volunteers, Wylie also put together the “Best Practices for Ivy Removal” poster, using a diagram courtesy of