Weekend NO IVY League: Sundays 1-3pm

Weekend No Ivy League volunteers are removing English ivy from scrub oaks along the entrance road to Cattle Point, and revealing Camas plants underneath.  Now they can grow!  

You can make a difference by helping us on Sundays.  Meet near the Marine Kiosk at Cattle Point at 1 pm.  We supply gloves, tools and instruction.  You provide the effort and the laughter. Refreshments at 3 pm.

A few years ago, a couple of fawn lily leaves were seen in the carpet of English ivy under a grove of Garry oak trees.  That fall, some elementary students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 removed ivy in a small area.  The following spring, Fawn lilies grew where the ivy was, and even bloomed.  In fall students removed more and enlarged the area.  A photo of the blooming lilies made the front page of the Oak Bay News.

The area is even bigger now, thanks to the young students of Margaret Jenkins Elementary, St. Patrick’s Elementary, Glenlyon Norfolk Jr. School and Christ Church Cathedral School.

Thanks also to the weekend volunteers that removed the outer edges of this amazing FAWN LILY RESTORATION AREA.

The flowers have started to bloom.  Please stay out of the area to enjoy them and take photos.  Respect the efforts of the children that saved the lilies.

Restoration This Weekend:

Dear Friends of Uplands Park,
Here are 3 events that will get you outside, happy and socially alive while being physically distant from people but physically active!

SATURDAY October 3:

Kitty Islet cleanup... Oct  2020.jpeg

SUNDAY October 4  10 to 12 ANDERSON HILL:
Meet Christina Johnson-Dean on the south slope.  Wear gloves.  Phone her if you need help… 250-208-5720.

SUNDAY October 4 1 to 3 UPLANDS PARK:

2020 Sept pdf No Ivy League Sept TU53 poster.jpeg