Thanksgiving Restoration in Oak Bay Parks

ANDERSON HILL Saturday October 10th, 10a to 12p

We have finished clearing on the slope down from the Centennial Trail before the fork to Beach Drive! So this Saturday we will be going back up the slope to clear some growback of ivy and daphne from 2-3 years ago.  Very easy work.  It’s looking wonderfully open through the oaks now. I’ll be there by 10 am on Sat. Oct 10.  Join if you can. Christina JD 250-208-5720

UPLANDS PARK Sunday October 11th, 1p to 3p

Meet at the Dorset entrance near Beach Drive or if you are late, follow the flags. Tools provided… wear your own gloves or borrow ours that have been quarantined. The area is even larger with more invasive Norway maples being removed by Parks. Lots of Daphne that needs you to remove it.  
Norway maple has invaded Quebec’s sugar maple forests. It looks like a sugar maple but makes a latex in the leafy petiole that can poison insects and pollinators.
Join Friends of Uplands Park and enjoy the outdoors chatting and laughing with people, while being physically distant and feeling good about restoring the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem.