Photos: Oak Bay’s Tree Appreciation Day at Uplands Park (November 5-2017)

A great group of about 50 folks showed up for Oak Bay’s 2017 Tree Appreciation Day at Uplands Park (Midland Entrance). Eight Garry Oaks were planted along the Uplands Park Midland Street boulevard. A cold arctic outflow day but sunshine so welcome. Special thanks to the Oak Bay Parks crew who had everything so well organized and did the heavy lifting, to FOUP for their helpful collaboration, and to Wiley for an Uplands Park “Tree/Shrub Tour”. Below are some photos taken by Kathleen. If other photos are out there, please consider sending them along for posting. A big welcome to the eight new Garry Oak trees (and their accompanying camas bulbs). Thank you to all who came out to help with, and witness, their planting. [Photos by Kathleen Matthews]

Photos of participants (as slide show):

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Photos of the 8 new Garry Oak Trees planted in Uplands Park along Midland Street: