Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day: Uplands Pake Sunday Nov 3 10am -1pm

Oak Bay Parks, Recreation & Culture, Friends of Uplands Park and the Oak Bay Community Association invite you to:
Tree Appreciation Day .
Sunday November 3rd
10 am to 1 pm.
Cattle Point Entrance at Uplands Park, Beach Drive in Oak Bay
(remember to put your clocks back).
Community Tree Walk-11:30 am
Uplands Park Tour- 10:30am
Learn about:
Grow the Oaks in Oak Bay Campaign
Tree Display- Right Tree Right Place
Tree Climbing Demonstration
Learn How to Plant Trees Properly
Pest and Disease- Banding Demonstration
Small Tree Pruning Demonstration
Question and Answer Table


2018 Tree Appreciation Day at Uplands Park – Update & Photo

Margaret Lidkea, Chair of the Friends of Uplands Park Society, sends the following update on the Oak Bay Tree Appreciation in Uplands Park that took place on Sunday, November 4, 2018.
Councillor Hazel Braithwaite welcomed a crown of very interested people to this annual event. About 70 people attended:  25 went on Ron Carters neighbourhood tree walk, 7 on Wylie’s Uplands restoration walk and 35 helped Margaret in the Willows Grandparent Garry Oak area by removing invasive “stinky rat food plants” and English ivy, and planting native species.  Many others planted Garry oaks with Chris Paul and Ian McLeod on Dorset and in the park, along with native wildflowers.  Many kids loved using Louis’ equipment to climb up a Garry Oak tree. Many questions were answered by Manager, Chris Hyde-Lay, lots of coffee and juice drunk, and cookies and all the doughnuts were eaten.  It was a very fun event!

Photo, taken by Wylie Thomas, for Tree Appreciation includes Chris H-L, Mayor Kevin Murdoch, Councillor Hazel Braithwaite, Jacques Sirois, Christina Johnson-Dean and a member of the OB Parks Commission.