Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day: Uplands Pake Sunday Nov 3 10am -1pm

Oak Bay Parks, Recreation & Culture, Friends of Uplands Park and the Oak Bay Community Association invite you to:
Tree Appreciation Day .
Sunday November 3rd
10 am to 1 pm.
Cattle Point Entrance at Uplands Park, Beach Drive in Oak Bay
(remember to put your clocks back).
Community Tree Walk-11:30 am
Uplands Park Tour- 10:30am
Learn about:
Grow the Oaks in Oak Bay Campaign
Tree Display- Right Tree Right Place
Tree Climbing Demonstration
Learn How to Plant Trees Properly
Pest and Disease- Banding Demonstration
Small Tree Pruning Demonstration
Question and Answer Table


2018 Tree Appreciation Day at Uplands Park – Update & Photo

Margaret Lidkea, Chair of the Friends of Uplands Park Society, sends the following update on the Oak Bay Tree Appreciation in Uplands Park that took place on Sunday, November 4, 2018.
Councillor Hazel Braithwaite welcomed a crown of very interested people to this annual event. About 70 people attended:  25 went on Ron Carters neighbourhood tree walk, 7 on Wylie’s Uplands restoration walk and 35 helped Margaret in the Willows Grandparent Garry Oak area by removing invasive “stinky rat food plants” and English ivy, and planting native species.  Many others planted Garry oaks with Chris Paul and Ian McLeod on Dorset and in the park, along with native wildflowers.  Many kids loved using Louis’ equipment to climb up a Garry Oak tree. Many questions were answered by Manager, Chris Hyde-Lay, lots of coffee and juice drunk, and cookies and all the doughnuts were eaten.  It was a very fun event!

Photo, taken by Wylie Thomas, for Tree Appreciation includes Chris H-L, Mayor Kevin Murdoch, Councillor Hazel Braithwaite, Jacques Sirois, Christina Johnson-Dean and a member of the OB Parks Commission.  

Tree Appreciation Day: Photo Celebration of Uplands Park – Nov 4-2018

The Annual Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day. Sunday November 4, 2018.  A beautiful brisk sun filled day in Uplands Park. Councillor Hazel Braithwaite, Chris Hyde-Lay, [Manager Oak Bay Parks Services], and Margaret Lidkea [Chair of the Friends of Uplands Park], welcomed about 60 folks.  Ron Carter, expert arbourist, took people on a walk to see some amazing Oak Bay trees. Wylie Thomas, who manages the Uplands Park restoration program, lead a tour of the work happening in Uplands Park. Margaret Lidkea, took a group to do more restoration work around the Willows School “GrandParent” Garry Oak, a 200 year old Garry Oak that has now been freed from invasive plants by the work of the students. Here are some of the photos taken in Uplands Park during Tree Appreciation Day. Photos by Kathleen Matthews who forgot her good camera so had to rely on her iPhone.


Oak Bay Parks Recreation and Culture and Friends of Uplands Park Society invite you to: Tree Appreciation Day 

Oak Bay Parks Recreation and Culture and Friends of Uplands Park Society invite you to: Tree Appreciation Day

Sunday November 4th 10 am to noon (remember to put your clocks back). Meet at DORSET ROAD BESIDE UPLANDS PARK

Learn How to Plant Trees Properly
Plant Garry Oak Trees & Native plants
Tree Climbing Demonstration – kids can too
Tree Walk
Pest and Disease- Banding Demonstration
Willows Grandparent Garry Oak Restoration Area
Bring All Your Tree Questions

PDF of Poster: 2018 Tree App poster M

Photos: Oak Bay’s Tree Appreciation Day at Uplands Park (November 5-2017)

A great group of about 50 folks showed up for Oak Bay’s 2017 Tree Appreciation Day at Uplands Park (Midland Entrance). Eight Garry Oaks were planted along the Uplands Park Midland Street boulevard. A cold arctic outflow day but sunshine so welcome. Special thanks to the Oak Bay Parks crew who had everything so well organized and did the heavy lifting, to FOUP for their helpful collaboration, and to Wiley for an Uplands Park “Tree/Shrub Tour”. Below are some photos taken by Kathleen. If other photos are out there, please consider sending them along for posting. A big welcome to the eight new Garry Oak trees (and their accompanying camas bulbs). Thank you to all who came out to help with, and witness, their planting. [Photos by Kathleen Matthews]

Photos of participants (as slide show):

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Photos of the 8 new Garry Oak Trees planted in Uplands Park along Midland Street:




Oak Bay’s Annual Tree Appreciation Day: Sunday, November 5, 2017, 10 – Noon. Uplands Park. Midland Road Entrance.

Tree Appreciation Day in Oak Bay is always such a special time. Please join Oak Bay Parks and the Friends of Uplands Park on Sunday, November 5, 2017, from 10:00AM – Noon, at the Midland Road entrance to Uplands Park. Learn how to plant trees, and grow Garry Oaks. Learn about native plants and invasive species. Refreshments. Tools and gloves provided for those who want to dig in and/or dig out, or bring your own tools. Refreshments provided. See details on attached poster. PDF of Poster: 2017 Tress AppreciationDay fullpage

Friends of Uplands Park – Fall 2017 Events: No Ivy League, Annual Ivy Broom Bash, Birding, Public Meeting, Tree Appreciation Day, School Programs

Friends of Uplands Park: Invitation and Call for Volunteers – Fall 2017

Dear Friends of Uplands Park

We are trying to remove invasive plants and to reduce the Fire Load in Uplands Park.  There are several plants including regular invasive plants but also invasive trees like European Elm, European Ash, English Hawthorn, Norway Maple and others that produce more biomass that we are removing each year.  This causes concern because of the potential wildfires in the park that may spread to residential homes.

Many of these trees are gradually being removed by Oak Bay Parks.  WE NEED YOUR HELP TO REMOVE INVASIVE BUSHES like Daphne and other destructive plants like English ivy.

PLEASE HELP US to remove invasive plants this year.  You are welcome to join us any Sunday from 1 to 3pm for the NO IVY LEAGUE that starts this Sunday and goes until the end of November.

The ANNUAL IVY BROOM BASH will be on Saturday Oct 14 and Sunday Oct 15.  This is an excellent opportunity to help your community and your natural environment, the globally endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem.  Families benefit from getting outdoors together and having lots of fun.  Students can earn their volunteer hours by participating.

A public meeting will be held on Thursday Oct 5 at Windsor Pavilion from 7 to 9 on Restoration in Upland Park:  Management Plans; what has been done and projected to be done over the next 2 years.  The first half will be a report by Wylie Thomas, and the second half will be a discussion about the challenges and possible solutions.  We invite the public to speak and share their thoughts.

Tree Appreciation Day on Sun Nov 5 will involve planting Garry oaks and other plants at the Midland entrance.

Remember our regular monthly Bird Walks by Geoffrey Newell will be on the last Saturday of each month unless posted otherwise on our website or Facebook:  friendsofuplandspark.org

School programs will be starting towards the end of September in Uplands Park, Anderson Hill and Trafalgar Park.  Contact Margaret for information which will also be emailed to schools soon.

Thank you for your support

Margaret Lidkea, Chair of FOUP


Photos and Activities from Oak Bay’s Tree Appreciation Day, held on November 6, 2016, in Uplands Park.

Margaret Lidkea, Chair of the Friends of Uplands Park, sends photos and describes the wonderful community participation at Oak Bay’s Tree Appreciation Day, held on November 6, 2016, in Uplands Park.

Dear Friends

We had an amazingly lovely Tree Appreciation Day Nov 6, with families planting native plants, learning from Chris Paul about suitable trees to plant in our Urban Forest, how to stop winter moth attacks, watching Louis Burgess teach the kids how to tie proper knots in his equipment so he can climb into the tree canopies to prune, learning about invasive plants, meeting neighbours and snacking on coffee and treats. Iain Macleod even chain-sawed the tree that fell on Beach Drive nearby just before the event, restoring traffic within minutes. He then encouraged kids to plant a couple of Garry oak trees.

Thank you to all the FOUP Steering Committee for organizing displays, information and engaging the public with their enthusiasm and expertise. This included Wylie planting Camas bulbs, Anna, Emily and Angela planting licorice fern and spring gold, and Ron Carter leading the walk around Cattle Pt to see the efforts of Wylie’s team and volunteers to restore the area. Several volunteers also helped remove ivy on Sunday in the afternoon. Thanks also to Chris Hyde-Lay, Chris and Elizabeth G, Cathy S, Eric, Pam, Rick and Kathleen for setting up and working the information table and displays.

Thanks to those that have been so helpful on Cattle Point this Fall, removing some of this “carpet of death”, that also has a deadly impact on the Garry oak trees.
The area outside the ring road are coming along well, but still needs our help to remove all the ivy to protect the rare plants.
In the central area of Cattle Pt, he English ivy is still in full grip of the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem in Uplands Park.







Oak Bay News article features the Annual Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day and FOUP’s Annual Invasive Species Bash.

The November 2, 2016 issue of the Oak Bay News has a front page article highlighting the Annual Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day and FOUP’s Annual Invasive Species Bash. Both events are scheduled for Sunday, November 6, 2016, in Uplands Park and at Cattle Point.

Activities start at 10:00AM and continue until 4:00PM.

  • Annual Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day: 10:00AM – Noon
  • FOUP’s Annual Invasive Species Bash Noon – 4:00pm

Please come out to these family friendly events to learn about invasive species, and the special cultural and ecological heritage of Uplands Park and stay to help save Uplands Park from Invasive Species.

Read the Oak Bay News , Wednesday Oct, 2, 2016 online article.

The print edition features a different photo. Here are the screen prints from the online eEdition that is the same as the print version.


screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-7-27-29-pm screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-7-27-18-pm screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-7-27-06-pm