Photos from “Camas, Wildflowers and Birds in Uplands Park Celebration” – Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wylie Thomas, Friends of uplands Park Steering Committee member, sends the following photos from FOUP’s Annual Uplands Park Camas Day Celebration. A sunny blustery April day with many folks joining the Bird Walk lead by Geoffrey Newell and the Camas Meadow Walks hosted by FOUP. Uplands Park was in glorious spring bloom. Thank you to all the volunteers and to Chris Hyde-Lay [of Oak Bay Parks] for all the help.


Joining the Friends of Uplands Park, this year, was the ButterflyWay Booth, with volunteers from the David Suzuki Foundation ButterflyWay initiative, sharing knowledge about local butterflies and their native host and nectar plants, and, featuring Butter-Blue, a Western Spring Azure butterfly puppet [checking out FOUP’s plant display and flying about]. Here are some additional 2017 Camas Day Celebration photos taken by Kathleen Matthews.