No Ivy League Group Wraps-up Sept 2016-March 2017 Invasive Removal work at Cattle Point

The Friends of Uplands Park No Ivy League “Core Group” have been working almost every Sunday, from September 2016 through to March 2017, at Cattle Point, removing Ivy and other invasives. Wylie Thomas, Friends of Uplands Park Steering Committee Member sends this update:

We have now removed a total of 132+ cubic yards of mainly ivy and some Daphne and Himalayan Blackberry from Cattle Point since September 2016 (that includes a lot of stuff removed by the HSP crew).

No Ivy League “Core Group” photo was taken by Jon Clarke, at the last Sunday in March 2017.  From left to right: Angela Hills, Margaret Lidkea, Wylie Thomas, and Jon Clarke.

Ron Carter is missing, as he came almost every weekend (but worked on a mixture of daphne and ivy in a different area from the rest of the core group). But basically the four of us met every Sunday for two hours from September through November and February through March. Some Sunday’s we were joined by a couple of dozen, others it was just the four of us (five of us including Ron).

I don’t have the names of other individuals that came joined us on the no Ivy League Day events specifically, but we had the Greater Victoria Green Team help with the ivy and several others. Then of course there is Kathleen Matthews and Bruce Homer who have been going after ivy on trees in the park.

CORE 2017-17 No Ivy League Group

And some more photos from the Victoria Green Team helping remove bur chervil at Cattle Point.

Cattle Point Victoria Green Team Bur Chervil work3Cattle Point Victoria Green Team Bur Chervil work2Cattle Point Victoria Green Team Bur Chervil work