Weekly FOUP Volunteer Opportunity – Removing English Ivy from Uplands Park


Margaret Lidkea, Friends of Uplands Park Chair, invites volunteers to remove English Ivy in Uplands Park.



















Join this weekly restoration group with Friends of Uplands Park, helping to restore the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem by removing invasive English Ivy.   Starting Sunday September 11 through to November 27, we will meet from 1 to 3 pm at the grassy field on Beach Drive at the entrance to Cattle Point.  Tools and gloves will be provided, instructions given, and areas to work in will be determined by Oak Bay Parks Management Plan.  Suitable for all ages.  An excellent volunteer opportunity for students.

Volunteer hours are used by Oak Bay Parks to apply for a federal Habitat Restoration Project Grant which is based on volunteer hours and on the 22 rare plants in Uplands Park.  Oak Bay Parks has just received a grant of over $100,000 to be used over the next 3 years.  This will pay for restoration management and removal in rare plant areas.  Congratulations to all our volunteers!

September 11 each Sunday until end of November

Margaret Lidkea, Chair of FOUP, mlidkea@shaw.ca

[Uplands Park English Ivy Photos by Kathleen Matthews. February 2016]