Canada 150 BioBlitz at Uplands Park [April 22, 2017] – PPT Presentation by Margaret Lidkea, FOUP Chair, at GOERT 2017 [November 17-2017]

At the 13th Annual GOERT Research Colloquium, Margaret Lidkea, Chair, Friends of Uplands Park, presented on the Canada 150 BioBlitz that was held at Uplands Park, on April 22, 2017, as part of the Canada 150 BioBlitz events. FOUP hosted this at Uplands Park’s Garry Oak ecosystem on behalf of GOERT.

The PDF of Margaret’s PPT presentation can be viewed at FOUP ML Biolblitz GOERT 2017 PRESENTATION 7.

Background web pages can be viewed at

Some photos from the Uplands Park BioBlitz. Photos from Margaret’s PPT presentation:

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