Rotary Club of Oak Bay donates new bike racks for Uplands Park (September 2016)

Great to see the new bike rack at the Midland entrance to Uplands Parks. Thank you to the Rotary Club of Oak Bay. This is the third bike rack Rotary has donated to Uplands Park and another will be installed at Cattle Point in the near future. Photo taken September 27, 2016.

Photo credit: Kathleen Matthews

Oak Bay Rotary Club donates funds for Uplands Park Bike Rack and Marine Kiosk

Oak Bay News Story (Friday, June 24, 2016): The Oak Bay Rotary Club has donated $6,000.00 for a bike rack to be installed at the Midland entrance to Uplands Park, and towards a “Window on the Salish Sea” marine kiosk, for Cattle Point. The new kiosk, is scheduled for the Fall 2016,  is the inspiration of oceanographer Chris Garrett and naturalist Jacques Sirois, and is coming into reality with the assistance of designer Matthias Reinicke. Oak Bay News Story at

Photo Credit: Oak Bay News
Photo Credit: Oak Bay News; Photo of naturalist Jacques Sirois.