A Reminder and Upcoming Events

Hello Friends of Uplands Park,

Remember to walk along the pathways in the parks, however poorly defined, during the wet season to protect the meadows that are globally critically imperilled. Foot traffic compacts the soil making it difficult for plant roots and plants to grow.  You can see the impact on the trenches where people have walked.  Yes this presents puddles, but you can wear waterproof rubber boots and be a good steward for Uplands Park… the BEST of the LAST remaining remnants of this ecosystem. People walking beside the wet trails have had serious impact on the endangered plants in the park.
Remember to follow bylaws and keep your dogs under control… not in the meadows, on the trails.  Keeping your eye on your dog means you can see when it defecates and pick up the poop in bags to put it in the garbage cans at all the entrances, not in the bushes please. Students and public volunteers have not enjoyed kneeling in dog poop.

Friday, November 26th  8 to 10am  Cattle Point
Geoffrey’s next bird walk is this coming Friday, November 26th.  We will meet in the main parking lot at Cattle Point at 8:00 a.m.  Fall migration is slowing down and our winter birds have returned.  Did you know that Oak Bay is the most reliable place in Canada for over-wintering Greater Yellowlegs?  Please bring gumboots as Uplands Park is full of water these days.Geoffrey and David Newell 

Sunday November 28 1 to 3 pm Dorset entrance near Beach Drive
Join our social group to remove invasive plants and to plant some native species.  Ask lots of questions and find out about the Garry Oak Ecosystem and the amazing Willows School area that is being restored by Willows School students and our volunteer groups.  This area has become the best area for Birding!!!  A restaurant has been created.  Rubber boots recommended, but we will be going along a trail through some bushes to avoid the deep puddles.  Tools, Gloves, plants and instruction provided.  Refreshments at the end.