Tide Pool School at Kitty Islet on August 3 big success [163 participants]. See Photos!

THANK YOU EVERYONE!  From Margaret , FOUP President 
Tide Pool School at Kitty Isleton August 3 was a big success with 163 participants!  Many thanks to our expert, Tina Kelly, marine educator from the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea.  Thank you to our registration volunteers, Elizabeth Garrett and Penny Cassidy, and to our volunteer team of leaders and helpers on the site:  Cathy Savage, Joanne Thomson, Susan McRae, Marissa Waddell, Sarah Bennett, Margaret Boyes, Ann Finlay and Rick Marshall.
People said they really appreciated learning about the challenges of living in the intertidal zone, the diverse species, and how people can be respectful, have a small footprint and still have fun.  Highlights included the large red rock crabs, porcelain crabs, a white sea cucumber, and tiny lined chitons.
The generous donations will help us to run more programs and buy equipment for restoration.

Please take your family to the wonderful Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea in Sidney and say hi to Tina.