Uplands Park: Restoring and Preserving an Ecological Treasure – Presentation by Wylie Thomas at the Oct 24, 2018 Healthy Trees, Healthy Communities Seminar

Thanks to Wylie Thomas for offering to share the PDF he prepared for the talk he gave at Oak Bay Park’s Healthy Trees, Healthy Communities Seminar that was held on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018. 7pm. Windsor Pavilion. Oak Bay. The PDF presents very beautiful photographs of Uplands Park and illustrates the challenges, restoration activities and preservation goals. 

Link to PDF: Windsor Park (Oct2018)-Urban Forestry copy

The GREATER VICTORIA GREEN TEAM collaboration with FOUPS on October 22, 2018

Amanda Evans of the GREATER VICTORIA GREEN TEAM writes…  

The GVGT is a partner with Friends of Uplands Park. 

They involve people from all over the Greater Victoria Area in helping to restore natural areas.

On October 22, 33 peoplehelped to remove invasive Daphne laureola, aka the stinky rat-food plant, in Uplands Park for 3 hours. This is a total of 99 hours of volunteering.


 Friends of Uplands Park invites all of the Oak Bay Community to help with restoration in the most diverse ecosystem in Canada, the Garry Oak Ecosystem, in Uplands Park, Anderson Hill, Trafalgar Park and other parks throughout Greater Victoria. Please contact the GVGT for other opportunities.