Celebrate Camas, Wildflowers and Birds in Uplands Park – Sunday, April 30, 2017 (Noon – 4:00pm)

The Friends of Uplands Park invites the community to celebrate the Uplands Park camas meadows and wildflowers:

  • Date: Sunday, April 30-2017
  • Time: 12 – 4 pm
  • Location: Beach Drive at Cattle Point Entrance
  • Activities: Wildflower walks through seas of blue camas. music, native plant displays & planting information, refreshments
  • And Birding too.

David Newell notes: Geoffrey’s next birding will be on  Sunday, April 30 at 1:00 PM to coincide with the Friends of Uplands Park Camas Day celebrations.  Please meet at the tents by the first parking lot at the entrance to Cattle Point. We will lead off from the tents and head directly into Uplands Park and finish at the ocean. The flowers are now in full bloom and the warbler migration is intense.  Geoffrey had two singing Nashville warblers in the park today.  They are rare visitors from the interior of the province.

Poster PDF: 2017 Poster celebrate camas & wildflowers

Uplands Park April 22-2017 Earth Day BioBlitz Featured In Oak Bay News

“Oak Bay bio-blitzed to Celebrate Earth Day: Bioblitz highlights diversity, fragility of life” by Tim Collins

Published in Oak Bay News. Full article available online
Published Online: Monday, April 17,2017. Published in Print: Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Page A3.

Article Excerpts:

In Canada, 2017 will feature 35 official bioblitz events as part of the nation’s sesquicentennial

Not to be left out, Victoria will join the movement on Earth Day, April 22 in a bioblitz to catalogue the ecosystems and adjacent habitats of Upland’s Park, Beacon Hill Park and the University of Victoria campus

.… “We’re very excited about the event. It’s so important for people to get outdoors and develop a sense of place…an understanding of where we live and all the wonders surrounding us,” said Margaret Lidkea, the Chair of Friends of Uplands Park, one of the organizations contributing to make the event possible.

…. Her organization will have volunteers at Upland’s Park to help guide volunteers through the trails and to help safeguard some of the more rare species already known to exist in the park.

…. The blitz runs for 24 hours as experts work around the clock (from 6 pm on April 21 to 6 pm on April 22) to identify as many species as possible. For the general public, the action starts at 9 a.m. and run until 1 p.m. on April 22 when they are invited to join guided tours at all three sites. The public is encouraged to make notes and take photos of the species they encounter to add to the inventory.

….. In addition consulting with to the on-site experts, participants are encouraged to use their smart phones to document the plants, insects, birds, mammals, and every living thing and upload the photos to iNaturalist.org, an organization founded at UC Berkeley to develop a living history of life on earth.

…. Dr. Valentin Schaefer, the chair of the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT), heads up another of the partners in the bioblitz project. He said the project is critical in places like Uplands Park.

…. More information in the bioblitz is available at bioblitzcanada.ca.

All welcome for the April 22, 2017 BioBlitz in Uplands Park: A Sampling of Uplands Park BioBeauties from April 15, 2017 Photo Ramble.

April 15, 2017. A beautiful spring day to explore Uplands Park. Sunshine and warmth. The April 22, 2017 Earth Day BioBlitz takes place the following weekend on Saturday, April 22, 2017.

The photos below, taken Saturday, April 15, 2017, reveal a very small sample of what awaits our BioBlitzers. Come and experience the beauty and wonders of Uplands Park in person. Who knows what might be in bloom in a week? Or in flight? Or just hanging out? A BioBlitz includes all species, not just plants.

Community Members are invited to participate in the BioBlitz at Uplands Park, from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.   Info at BioBlitz details.

Plants From Top: Spring Gold (2) ; Garry Oaks (3) ; Fawn Lily (5); False Soloman’s Seal? (2); Western Buttercup (1); Yellow Montane Violet (2); Shooting Stars (1); Lichen on Garry Oak (1); deep soil Garry Oaks (1); Central Meadow with Vernal Pools (3); English Ivy with Cottonwoods(?) in background (1); Red-osier Dogwood (3); Mountain Sneezeweed emerging in habitat (2); Lupine (1); Nootka Rose (1); Water Plantain Buttercup in habitat (1); Camas (2) Shootingstars (2); Entrance to Uplands Park on Beach Drive (1).

Photos by Kathleen Matthews

2017 Victoria Earth Day BioBlitz: Uplands Park * Beacon Hill Park * UVic Campus Saturday April 22-2017

Victoria Bioblitz Digital Poster2
2017 BioBlitz @ Uplands Park:

Hosted by the Friends of Uplands Park & GOERT  [BioBlitz Canada 150 Earth Day Event]

Meet at entrance to Cattle Pt. Saturday, April 22, 2017. Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Press Release Excerpt: On Saturday, April 22nd —Earth Day—teams of plant, insect and wildlife experts will be taking part in a 24-hour race to inventory as many species as possible at three, key Garry Oak sites in Victoria, BC, sharing their findings and techniques with the general public, leading guided tours of these sensitive sites and helping to identify species in photos uploaded by the public to iNaturalist.org .

The public is invited to help join in the biggest and most accessible national wildlife inventory in Canada, with a special focus on Victoria’s endangered Garry Oak ecosystems. From 9am to 1pm, the public will be invited to join in on guided tours though the sites, learn from expert naturalists about these special ecosystems and take their own photos of the species they encounter to add to the inventory.

Members of the public can use a smartphone and the iNaturalist app (available on iTunes or Google Play) to take a photo along with a GPS coordinate and upload an observation to the online iNaturalist database, contributing to baseline information of Canada’s wildlife. Users without a smartphone can submit their observations online at iNaturalist.org .

Special activities and events for kids will also be available to help engage our future “citizen scientists”.

Full Victoria BioBlitz Press Release: Victoria Bioblitz Press Release pre-event 2017-04-03


PDF of Poster: Victoria Bioblitz Digital Poster

PDF of Poster BioBlitzVictoria_Save-the-Date_V4

No Ivy League Group Wraps-up Sept 2016-March 2017 Invasive Removal work at Cattle Point

The Friends of Uplands Park No Ivy League “Core Group” have been working almost every Sunday, from September 2016 through to March 2017, at Cattle Point, removing Ivy and other invasives. Wylie Thomas, Friends of Uplands Park Steering Committee Member sends this update:

We have now removed a total of 132+ cubic yards of mainly ivy and some Daphne and Himalayan Blackberry from Cattle Point since September 2016 (that includes a lot of stuff removed by the HSP crew).

No Ivy League “Core Group” photo was taken by Jon Clarke, at the last Sunday in March 2017.  From left to right: Angela Hills, Margaret Lidkea, Wylie Thomas, and Jon Clarke.

Ron Carter is missing, as he came almost every weekend (but worked on a mixture of daphne and ivy in a different area from the rest of the core group). But basically the four of us met every Sunday for two hours from September through November and February through March. Some Sunday’s we were joined by a couple of dozen, others it was just the four of us (five of us including Ron).

I don’t have the names of other individuals that came joined us on the no Ivy League Day events specifically, but we had the Greater Victoria Green Team help with the ivy and several others. Then of course there is Kathleen Matthews and Bruce Homer who have been going after ivy on trees in the park.

CORE 2017-17 No Ivy League Group

And some more photos from the Victoria Green Team helping remove bur chervil at Cattle Point.

Cattle Point Victoria Green Team Bur Chervil work3Cattle Point Victoria Green Team Bur Chervil work2Cattle Point Victoria Green Team Bur Chervil work