Pokemon Go Digital Critters & e-Ecosystem Cleared from Cattle Point

Pokemon Go digital critters and haunts to be cleared from Cattle Point, and hopefully from Uplands Park too, thanks to the efforts of FOUP Steering Committee Member, Wylie Thomas.

“Park steward wins Pokemon Go battle for Cattle Point park”.
See: Oak Bay News article: March 24, 2017, page A3:

Image credit: Christine van Reeuwyk/Oak Bay News: Cattle Point is a prime Pokemon spawning ground, with a gym and myriad pokestops drawing people to walk in areas featuring rare and endangered plants. After months of attempts, those who work in the park learned this week the stops will be removed.

Celebrating the Creativity Inspired by Uplands Park

“Autumn fruit at Uplands Park”, a watercolour by 85 year old Bev Thomas, and two lovely copper hued photos from scenic Cattle Point, by Wylie Thomas, Friends of Uplands Park Steering Committee Member, and committed volunteer, celebrate a central mandate of the Friends Of Uplands Park.

Friends of Uplands Park Mandate
a. Support initiatives for protecting the ecosystems of Uplands Park.
b. Educate our community on the natural and cultural history of Uplands Park.
c. Celebrate the creativity inspired by Uplands Park.
d. Facilitate research/documentation focusing on Uplands Park
e. Seek out local knowledge about Uplands Park.

Shaw TV YouTube Video posted March 7, 2017 – Featuring Friends of Uplands Park Volunteers at Cattle Point

Friends of Uplands Park volunteer, Wylie Thomas has provided a link to the Shaw TV South Vancouver Island “Community Producers” YouTube video story featuring a group of Friends of Uplands Park No Ivy League volunteers who were interviewed and filmed while working at Cattle Point on Sunday, February 26, 2017.  Wylie asked, as part of this FOUP blog post, to also mention:

….. the critical role played by Oak Bay Parks (aka Chris Hyde-Lay and his staff) in protecting this important part of our natural heritage. Their in-kind contributions are a very important part of the HSP project (invasives disposal, native plant purchases, arborist time, trails and signage) and they have been bent over backwards to help make our work a success. Without their support none of this would be happening.

The SHAW TV video, posted to YouTube on March 7, 2017, features Friends of Uplands Park Chair, Margaret Lidkea, and volunteers Wylie Thomas, Ron Carter and others, who share their experiences and motivations and discuss the importance of the Garry Oak Ecosystem restoration work that is being accomplished at Cattle Point.

Shaw TV YouTube Caption:  Published on Mar 7, 201
Rare & endangered species are found in a few small pockets on the South Island like Uplands Park & Cattle Point. The Friends of Uplands Park are hoping to bring some of these Garry Oak species back by removing invasive plants and sectioning off some of the areas that these rare species have been found.

Lorraine Scollan, Community Access Producer, Programming,  SHAW TV, noted in her email to Wylie, that the interview-video segment was to be aired on Friday afternoons, on Channel 4, and would be repeated for perhaps two weeks, on the  “Community Producers” program, whose schedule can be viewed at https://www.shaw.ca/ShawTV/Victoria/. The video of the Friends of Uplands Park story has also been posted to Shaw TV’s Twitter feed [March 7-2017] at www.twitter.com/ShawTV_SVI . The video will also be posted on the Shaw TV Facebook page, perhaps under the video section at www.facebook.com/goislandsouth .